The Person Behind Brush Your Mind – “a woman on a quest


SD Shantinath PictureS.D. Shantinath (also known as S.D. Shanti) is a dentist with a dual specialization in pediatric dentistry and dental public health.  While working as a dentist and teaching dentistry, she became intrigued by the challenges of health behavior.  As a result, she went on to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Upon entering the world of psychology, she was troubled by the primary focus on treatment of psychological problems, and the lack of attention paid to preventing them. As a result, she has devoted many years of her life working on cost-effective public health approaches to promote mental health and prevent psychological distress, depression and violence.

In the words of Philip Zimbardo, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University and a leading social scientist, she is “a woman on a quest”  – to prevent disease and distress and to promote the health of the public.

Brush Your Mind is one part of her larger body of work in disease prevention and health promotion.  Along the way, her work has taken her to Ethiopia, Brazil, China, St. Lucia (West Indies), the Dominican Republic and Switzerland.  Her public health work has been supported by various sources including UNICEF and foundations in the United States, Switzerland and England.

She’s currently an associate professor of public health at A.T. Still University of Health Sciences in Mesa where she teaches public health to future dentists.

Her public health research and projects encompass:

  • Depression prevention
  • Violence prevention
  • Diabetes and obesity prevention
  • Oral cancer prevention and early detection
  • Social determinants of health including women’s literacy
  • Information Communication Technologies for health promotion