A Strategic Approach to Mental Health – Do for Your Mind as You do for Your Teeth

Around the world, every day, millions of people brush their teeth. Along with freshening their breath, when they do this, they are taking steps to prevent cavities and gum disease.

We all need to do for our mental health what we are already doing for our dental health.

Much of what goes on in mental health is similar to dental health practices such as fillings, root canals, crowns and dentures. Certainly treatment and therapy are important.

But what about prevention of psychological problems?

Did you know that it is possible to prevent various forms of psychological problems and distress? There’s a growing body of research that shows us how. Unfortunately this information is not widely know among the public, or even among many health care providers for that matter.

Timely treatment and therapy are important. But equally important is an ongoing focus on mental health promotion, and the prevention of various forms of psychological distress.

Brush Your Mind is a step toward a more comprehensive approach to mental health – one that also includes prevention of problems, not just treating them after they happen.

Just as you can improve your chances of oral health through a regular program of preventive oral hygiene, you can improve your mental health through a regular program of preventive mental hygiene — one that involves regularly brushing your mind.

Of course, just as brushing your teeth regularly does not guarantee against developing dental problems, brushing your mind is not a guarantee against preventing psychological problems either. But it is a major step towards taking charge of your wellbeing and improving your quality of life.

Go ahead! Give it a try. Brush your mind and feel the benefits.