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The Science behind Brush Your Mind – Promoting Self-Regulation

Did you know that when you brush your teeth, you-along with literally billions of other people in this world-are engaging in an act of self-care and health promotion? Brushing one’s teeth is among the world’s most widespread acts of what psychologists call “self-regulation.”

Self-regulation refers to your capacity to focus intentional action such that you can effectively manage your emotions and actions.  Social scientists have identified self-regulation as a character strength and virtue found across all cultures.

The Connection between Self-Regulation and Wellbeing

Your actions, thoughts and emotions are inter-connected.

Although we cannot always control what happens to us, we can learn to respond in ways that reduce the chances of becoming upset or unhappy. Life presents us with on-going ups and downs, many of which we have no control over. Daily hassles – even if minor – can add up over time to wear you down and affect your quality of life.

When you Brush Your Mind, you can take steps toward regulating your emotions and your actions.

  • A Thermostat for Your Emotions: You can think of self-regulation as a kind of thermostat that allows you to adjust negative emotions and bring yourself back to a calm and centered place.
  • A Steering Wheel for Your Actions: It is also kind of a master control panel that puts you in the driver’ seat so you can more effectively manage your actions – be they at home, work, school or in interactions with other people.

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